Australian Young Labor is the largest political youth movement in Australia.

AYL represents young people from 14 to 26 within the Labor party, and has been in working hard to represent young people within Australian Labor for over 35 years.

Australian Young Labor advocates policies that push for the needs & desires of young Australians. Young Labor seeks to proactively engage every member from around Australia to take part in policy debate, campaigning, personal development and leadership elections.

Australian Young Labor seeks to promote the core values and works of the great Australian Labor Party. We are a group of committed and principled young people who fight to ensure the views of young people are strongly represented in the Labor Party. Members work together throughout the country to support their peers to bring about the greatest possible contribution to the labour movement. We work across State & Territory boundaries to reelect Labor Governments and campaign for the Australian Labor Government together.

So get involved in Australian Young Labor and shape your future!