National President - Jason Byrne

Jason Byrne was elected Australian Young Labor President in September 2019 

Jason joined the Labor Party following the 2014 Federal Budget in response to attempts to deregulate university fees. He has worked on several state and federal campaigns since then and is passionate about building a fairer economy for Australia. 

Jason is from South Australia and has also previously held roles there as well as the National Union of Students. 





National Secretary - Nick Douros

Nick Douros was elected Australian Young Labor Secretary in September 2019.

Nick joined the Labor Party in 2013 following the lost of the Gillard/Rudd Government in September. He has worked on multiple Territory and Federal campaigns since and is passionate about strong industrial laws and workers rights.

Nick is from the Australian Capital Territory and has previously served in the National Union of Students.




The current National Office Bearers are;

President - Jason Byrne

Secretary - Nick Douros

Senior VP - Jett Fogarty

Junior VP (2) - Ama Somaratna & Ella Gvidlys

Assistant Secretary - Connor Wherrett

Women's Officer - Katelyn Colson

LGBTIQ Officer - Addam Parish

Indigenous Officer - Anthony Ryan

International Secretary - Nick O'Neill

Disabilities Officer - Cody Jones