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Posted on August 4th, by Kerrie Kahlon in News & Media. No Comments

AYL now has its first official website! This is an important AYL initiative to keep AYL members up-to-date with national Young Labor news and policy conferences. It further provides our fellow members a great opportunity to publish articles through the AYL Blog.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the AYL Webiste. In particular I would like to thank Anthony Cianflone (AYL Senior Vice President 2011-2013) and Leesa Ward for your substantial contributions to getting this website up and running.

Another key person I would like to thank, albeit tongue in cheek, is Malcolm Turnbull, who Tony Abbott praised for having ‘virtually invented the internet in Australia’. Without the internet we would clearly not have been able to get this website up and running.

If you would like to publish an article or photographs on the AYL Blog please contact the Australian Young Labor President, Kerrie Kahlon on contactyounglabor@gmail.com.

Kerrie Kahlon
Australian Young Labor President 

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